Linda's Gourmet Latkes


Linda's Gourmet Latkes was established in 2004 when Linda Hausberg realized that it was time to share her delicious mouth-watering latkes with the world. It didn't take long for people to realize that even if they didn't have the time or energy to create their own latkes, they could still enjoy homemade latkes that were equally "as good as Bubbie used to make."

Linda Hausberg, the founder of Linda's Gourmet Latkes, has always enjoyed cooking and has shared her delicious treats with many friends and families over the years. Her home has always been the place to celebrate many holidays and celebrations. Now that her daughters are older she decided to venture out into the work force with her delicious frozen latkes. Linda grew up in Montreal, Canada and attended college at the University of Toronto where she studied commerce and finance. She moved to Los Angeles in 1983 and fell in love with the lifestyle and climate. Soon after Linda and Jimmy's first daughter Danielle was born, Linda decided that her place was in the home. Since then, she has been a devoted mother spending much time at her daughters' (Danielle 12 and Maddie 11) school as PTA President and volunteering on many committees.

Over the years, Linda's love of the art of entertaining and great cooking have inspired her to share her talents with all of you. She attributes this gift to the many hours sitting on the kitchen counter and watching her mom, Selma Deeks, and, since moving to Los Angeles, her time spent with her sister-in-law and best friend, Jilly Willy. Linda is now cooking with her assitant Erika Flores, who has been helping her from the beginning.

Linda's Gourmet Latkes are now available at fine food stores of Los Angeles and the consensus is clear...they are YUMMY!! And, Linda looks forward to bringing you many new products in the months ahead.

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