Linda's Gourmet Latkes


Maureen Clancy

"And cocktail hour gets a lot more interesting with the coming of bite-sized latkes from Linda’s Gourmet Latkes. In addition to the traditional potato latke, the company offers onion latkes and sweet potato latkes. At the Show, they introduced the new black bean latkes and minced mushroom latkes. All are delicious topped with a tiny dollop of sour cream or crème fraiche and minced chives. The latkes are sold frozen and keep in the freezer for up to a year."

LA Epicurean Tradeshow

NBC Los Angeles - A Latke to Love

January 2011

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InStyle Magazine - February Gift Guide

February 2012
"Bite Size potato pancakes in heart shapes are the perfect kickoff to a romantic meal."

The Oprah Magazine - Holiday O List - Oprah's Favorite Things

December 2010
"Latkes to Love"
"It's not always easy to find a great Hanukkah gift. These bite-size latkes taste like my grandma used to make. Send them to relatives, or heat and serve as party snacks"
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Real Simple - Gifts Under $50: Universe Crowd Pleasers

December 2009
"Pass the applesauce, please. These bite-size, delicious crispy potato pancakes from Linda's Gourmet Latkes, in Los Angeles, will please tater-loving adults and, yes, tater tots."
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September 30, 2008
"Enter Linda's Gourmet Latkes.. I highly advise you to go out and find a package of these frozen latkes."
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The New York Times - If it's Frozen and Comes in a Box, Is It Really a Latke?

November 28, 2007
"About the best frozen heat-and-serve latkes that have come our way are Linda's Gourmet Latkes."
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San Diego Union Tribune - Fancy That

March 7, 2007
"Linda's Gourmet Latkes are potato pancakes that come frozen and cook up crisp and delicious. I especially like the cocktail-size latkes, which can be topped with anything from smoked salmon to gorgonzola cheese. The product, made in L.A., is not yet available in San Diego."
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Taste Magazine Cincinnati Blog - Latkes To Go

September 13, 2007
"Linda's Gourmet Latkes was founded by Linda Hausberg- a savvy cook who, who at the urging of friends and family decided to share her secret recipe with the rest of the world. Available at select gourmet stores and online- $12.99 and up."
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The Nibble - Frozen Gourmet Potato Latkes

September 2007
"We've had frozen latkes before, and...once bitten, twice shy. Then we found Linda's Gourmet Latkes. The sun rose, birds chirped and all was well in Latkeland."
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December 19, 2006
"These recipes are quick and easy, but sometimes the holidays are so busy there isn't even time to look at a potato, let alone make latkes. Linda's Gourmet Latkes, the Los Angeles-based company will ship you frozen latkes that come out of the oven tasting tender, crispy, and practically homemade."
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